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Sonnenpark St. Alban, House 8 and 9


Hubert Becher, Klaus Becher

Low-energy-house, prefabricated house, timber house

Our advice: Live healthily and save money immediately!

In the recognised most healthy house, that guarantees you very comfortable living, that has no expensive and complicated technology, that needs neither oil, gas nor electric to heat it, that has the tiniest heating and running costs, that permanently guarantees your financial security and protects the environment.

I will show you in the Sonnenpark St. Alban How to build simply with low costs and How you will not only save many KWh, but above all very many Euros permanently. In a lifetime you will save over 80% in heating and running costs compared to a passive house.

Learn more about the benefits of our design with no vapor barrier and no ventilation system over the conventional low-energy house, prefabricated house or timber house.