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Klaus Becher: "Nature beats Technology! Nature is infinately superior to Technology, physical processes operate more sustainably than machines."

Nature's building principle a house in a house

No plastic-bag, no ventilation The decisive difference to all other low energy houses is: Bio-Solar-Houses need no moisture barriers and no ventilation systems! A partly glazed weather protected house heats up like a greenhouse with the daylight the well thermally insulated house cladding of the inner timber house from outside. The steam produced inside the house by the occupants diffuses together with the associated smells, without being able to condense the damaging condensate through the diffusion opening inner house cladding into the air space between the inner house and the weather protected house. From there it goes outside naturally under its own steam through the openings. Nature renders moisture barriers superfluous for protecting the house cladding from condensation damage and possibly unhealthy ventilation systems for dehumidification of the living space.

The correct use of the laws of nature make the energy efficient "Building system of the Bio-Solar-House" so uniquely healthy, economical, future-proof and environmentally sound.

A partly glazed weather protected house heats like a greenhouse the well insulated house cladding of the inside from outside through daylight. All of the gases and odours produced by the occupants within the house, particularly the exhaled gas forming condensation, escape automatically through the diffusion opening warm cladding of the inner house into the cavity between the inner and outer house, without being able to condense to destructive condensate. From there it goes outside automatically under its own impetus.

Because therefore a Bio-Solar-House, in contrast to other energy saving houses, requires no expensive moisture barrier and no problematic ventilation system with its unhealthy air heating, it permanently protects the health and finances of its occupants. The well-known problems with destructive damp, mould which is hazardous to health, dust, viruses, Bacteria, legionella und allergenics are excluded in the Bio-Solar-House.

House in a House Its energy saving radiant heating promotes your health and feeling of well-being. Because the layer of air between the weather protected house and the inner cladding keep the inner house as warm as an overcoat even in the coldest winter, a Bio-Solar-House loses much less heat to the surrounding cold air than every other house. Therefore it needs considerably less energy to heat it. In the summer the layer of air keeps the inner house cool. Complex technical equipment with ever more expensive running costs for maintenance, repairs and replacement does not exist. It is because of its extremely low heat requirement for heating and hot water largely independent of rising energy costs, because it takes this little warmth from the sun free of charge and renewably from cheap wood.

The Bio-Solar-House is a healthy, economic und trouble free house.

Bio-Passive House

A Bio-Solar-House is a new, efficient, biological passive house - Generation: a Bio-Passive House, less expensive, energy saving, cost saving, uncomplicated, healthier, more user friendly, more eco-friendly, future-proof.

Solar energy it is a constructive and more efficient further development of the passive house, it is technically engineered and energy efficiently a "house in a solar energy- Collector", it has a natural healthy living atmosphere without a ventilation system, it has a health promoting radiant heating, it excludes the danger of dampness and mould by its construction without technical appliances, it has a durable biological building fabric, it requires no short-lived cost intensive technology in the house, it covers its very low heating costs renewably with the tiniest costs, it has the highest sustainable energy efficiency, it is CO 2 neutral, No ventilation it is economically a "Money saving house" and not a costly "technology house", it receives the highest state support, it is based on the proven "Bio-Solar-House" Building- and Energy- System, it stands out as a "Bio-Solar-House" and as "the healthiest house", it is certified as "Bio-Solar-House" with the "Energy- Plus- logo".


By sun similar radiant heating, with solar energy and wood.

Every house, also every energy saving house, needs heating. Loss of heat through the cladding, the ventilation and through the behaviour of the occupants is unavoidable and must be balanced out. Moreover every house needs to produce hot tap water, for example for showering and washing hands. A house with snug living features without a heating system does not exist!

Wood In the summer, Bio-Solar-Houses make use of the free solar radiation for heating water. Any solar collector transfers solar energy to a big hot water tank. If during the winter time the solar heating system does not provide enough energy, a wood-burning oven or any other hot-water device will produce the necessary energy for the hot-water tank. This tank has a built-in heat exchanger which heats up the water for domestic use. This is why any contamination of the water with bacteria (Legionella) is impossible.

Bio-Solar-Houses have a very efficient, simple and above all healthy system of heat distribution: radiant panel heating. It is supplied with hot water from the hot water tank and provides the occupiers with warmth in the same healthy and pleasant way as the sun does with its radiation. Thermostats control the temperature in each room individually. This type of heating produces no air currents like e.g. underfloor heatings, radiators or heating installations based on air circulation. All these heating systems produce air streams and therefore fill the breathing air with dust particles.

The whole system is very economical with regard to both acquisition and maintenance. It is conceived in such a way that the number of parts which underlie continuous wear and tear and therefore have to be replaced regularly, has been reduced to a minimum. Detached Bio-Solar-Houses have an energy consumption of 15 - 25 kWh/m2 on average per year for heating, hot water and open fire, including partial heating of the winter garden.

radiant energy If the price of a cubic metre of stacked wood is about €80, heating energy costs would be between €150 and €300 per year. In the future, prices for firewood and wood pellets will stay relatively stable as opposed to the continuously rising prices of natural gas and electricity. Owners of Bio-Solar-Houses will therefore have no difficulty in paying their low energy bills in the future.


Bio-Solar-Houses are recognised as the healthiest houses!

Because for them no artificially produced atmosphere or dust swirling ventilation systems are necessary, the occupants live in a natural healthy climate with low relative humidity, clean air to breathe and dry walls. Mould growth is physically excluded and there are also no dust mites. Also viruses, bacteria, allergens and other pollutants which the heating and ventilation systems can produce are equally excluded as are disturbing circulation noises. A wall radiant heater warms the occupants as if by rays of the sun and fosters their health.

Also persons suffering from allergies feel well in this natural climate.

In the Bio-Solar-House there are no health hazards "coming from the house" Health hazards do not have to be combated by expensive technical equipment as in many other low energy or passive houses.

The greatest danger for all houses and their occupants by steam condensating, thus causing damp and this in turn causes extremely dangerous mould. Also allergenics, dust, Legionella, mite droppings, bacteria und viruses in the air considerably damage the health of the occupants.

health Because of its revolutionary building system the Bio-Solar-House has succeeded in preventing these dangers happening. The steam escapes quite naturally through steam diffusing open house cladding. In other energy saving houses necessary ventilation equipment for the avoidance on condensation with all its maintenance and extra energy use and the necessary care and costs for protection from danger are rendered superfluous in Bio-Solar-Houses. You have therefore, in contrast to artificially ventilated houses, a natural healthy atmosphere to live in. Its health promoting effect is further supported by biological chemical free building materials and by the sunray similar radiant wall heating.

There is therefore in the natural atmosphere of the Bio-Solar-Houses only clean and healthy air to breathe. The Bio-Solar-House has been distinguished by a specialist Jury as "the healthy house in Germany".

The Bio-Solar-House is the most energy efficient house!

Efficiency is the measure for sustainable economic actions. Efficiency is the correct thing to do correctly.

The primary energy requirement takes into account, alongside the energy requirement for heating and hot water also the losses, which the energy suppliers incur in production, whose preparation and transport also the energy loss from the heating equipment. Bio-Solar-Houses require neither oil, gas, nor electric for heating. They use almost exclusively renewable energy sources such as sun and wood for heating and hot water.

efficiency Since solar energy does not cost much to produce, wood is a locally available and renewable fuel and the heating equipment has virtually no energy loss, Bio-Solar-Houses have an extremely low primary energy requirement. When comparing the energy consumption of houses it does not therefore depend on their low heating energy requirements, but rather on their low primary energy requirements. This is at one and the same time a measure for their energy efficiency and their environmental protection.

The most important at a glance:

Width, Length, Height: Optional, Attic height: Optional, Slope of roof: Optional, Room height: 2.50m - 2.85m, Supporting structure: Steel or Wood, Cellar: possible, optional carrying out, Foundation: Concrete, Number of floors: Optional, Roof shape: Saddle-, Hip-, Lean-to- or arched roof, Roof covering: Partly transparent, otherwise optional, Main wall building material: Untreated wood, Outer wall finishing: optional, e.g. wood, rendering, plate ..., Windows: Optional materials; UG = 0.9 W/m²K, Conservators glazing: Optional materials; UG = 1.1 W/m²K, Insulation: Cellulose, U-values: Outer walls to air space 0.19 W/m²K; Outer walls incl. airspace and outer cladding 0.09 W/m²K; Top floor ceiling 0.12 W/m²K; Floor 0.19 W/m²K, Inner wall dressing: Optional e.g. Plasterboard, Plaster mould, Wood ..., Floor covering: Optional e.g. Tiles, Parquet, Linoleum ..., Heating: Wood stove hot water preparation in the conservatory, Electro heating bar. Alternative: Pellet stove, approx. 1000 Liters thermal store, room by room controllable wall radiant heating, solar heating system for hot water preparation and heating support, Heating energy requirement: ~ 25 kWh/m² a normally, Primary energy use: ~ 10 kWh/m²a normally, Environmental protection: CO2-neutral.