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Timber House

Building procedure


trial living

infocenterPlease convince yourself by a trial living in one of our show Bio-solar-Houses about the particular protective advantages for your health and its cost saving and easy care pleasant effects or simply make an excursion to the Sonnenpark St Alban.

Our specialists from Bio-Solar-Haus will explain to you there, including in details and models, why uniquely the Bio-Solar-House contrary to all other houses, offers you healthy living and perpetually largely energy independence, and at the same time immediate and sustainable cost savings.

sonnenpark Our specialists are available in the Sonnenpark Mondays to Fridays from 08.00 to 17.00 and Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays from 10.00 to 17.00. Outside of these times you may of course previously make an appointment for a detailed consultation.


Planning If you are convinced, that you have found the right house for future, healthy and cost-saving living, that largely makes you independent from rising heating and running costs as well as guaranteeing your practical environmental protection, then we will plan together with you your house on a plot of land. Please make an appointment for planning with our planning department tin the Sonnenpark St. Alban and bring the following papers with you:

1. The site plan of your plot.
2. The building plan of your plot with drawings and written part.
3. An approximate idea of your required living space.
4. Pictures of your plot of land

We will look at this with you, to see from which direction your plot has the best views. According to this we will plan your ever necessary conservatory. Because only in the Bio-Solar-House and contrary to all other energy saving houses are we not bound to south facing, because the sun's energy as light always comes from above and is changed over the glass roof into the required heat for natural dehumidification of the house. Allow about 2 to 4 hours for our shared planning session.

If you are in agreement with our plan in size, shape and implementation (supporting structure from wood or steel, totally according to your personal wishes) then our planning department will deliver you the papers, which you need to secure financing. These are:

1. Your plan showing the house on the plot.
2. The layout and elevation of your house.
3. A quotation for your house.
4. An overview of the costs for the developing your plot.

3D-Drawing Please regard it as a particular advantage that a Bio-Solar-House has no load-bearing inner walls and there you can determine the interior layout as you wish until you build it. Also in the design of the frontage you have no limitations for your personal taste except for financial ones. You give us a contract for this planning service and pay a small fee. Apart from that there are no other obligations.

Contract and Building procedure:

After you have secured the financing for your building plans, we make together with you a building contract and provide you the planning application papers for your house. If we keep to the stipulations when planning your build, then your building project is automatically granted and building can begin at the latest after 4 weeks. Now at the latest you must decide which prefabricated version you really want. Whether

A finished house (only Germany and Austria),
A prefabricated house,
Do it Yourself- Plus- House,
Do it Yourself House.

The borders of the prefabricated version are fluid and can be varied and agreed by you and your building adviser according to your personal needs.

You are never alone during the entire building phase, rather one of our building engineers is there as your personal adviser in word and deed until you move in and also available after that.

Also the Management of Bio-Solar-Haus looks after you, because your house is also your "personal baby"

Do it yourself seminars

We build you your Bio-Solar-House according to your wishes completely ready to move in. You can also, however, save considerable investment costs, if you share in building with your own muscle power or organisational talent, because Bio-Solar-Houses are especially suited for self-build. We can show how simple it is in our regular one day self-build seminars in the Sonnenpark St. Alban.

do it your self seminar Procedure:

- Welcome by the seminar leader
- From theoretical basics to practical applications it is shown to the participants, how easy it is, to build a Bio-Solar-House yourself.
- During the hearty lunch each participant has the opportunity to reflect on what he has learned,and to have interesting conversations with other future builder-owners.
- In the second part of the seminar heating and wall building are the main focus.
- The building master will clarify special questions during coffee and cakes.

For further Information about the terms please visit our german Website.