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Klaus Becher tells: "The best machine and the best energy is that which you do not need!"

The Creation - A Success Story

Klaus BecherWith this insight I have, as a mechanical engineer and technical leader for 40 years, planned and run factories and buildings, so that goods could be produced with the minimum possible cost. Additionally I had to care for the health of the employees as well as for economic energy provision, environmental protection and the most trouble free running of machines and equipment.

I also recognised, that nature offers the simplest and cheapest solution to all problems With these insights I wanted to build myself a retirement home, that would keep me healthy, required little technology, used little energy, was easy to maintain, protected the environment, liberated me from constantly rising running costs, gave my design wishes space and was affordable.

Because I could not find such a house on the market, I have true to my motto: "Don't be shy of using your own intellect" used it!

The enemy of all houses, condensation, conquered not as usual with expensive technology, but with the laws of nature, with century old proven building methods and the building principle "A House in a House" The free rays of the sun and cheap wood provide me heat for tap water and heating. Oil, Gas and expensive electric devouring machines I can do without. I built such a house in my home town of St. Alban in 1993, tried it out and came to the conclusion, that it fulfilled marvellously all my wishes from a house. I named it the Bio-Solar-House.

Together with my family we have since then also helped hundreds of thinking and calculating all-round families who want to build from all over Europe to fulfil their wishes for sustainable financial security and healthy living.

Not to save energy at any price, but to your sustainable advantage and good!

Our Passion:

Hubert Becher We have planned and built since 1994, from the very beginning only healthy, energy saving houses and above all cost-saving houses as developed and patented by ourselves "Building and energy system Bio-Solar-House".

We also want to build a house with you, which does not only save you energy immediately and for ever heating costs and running costs for maintenance, repairs and replacement of expensive heating and ventilation equipment.

Hundreds of builder-owners all over Europe have found out that Bio-Solar-Houses are not as expensive as previous passive houses, that they are considerably more efficient and healthier and have an immediate and sustainable effect by reducing running costs. The Bio-Solar-House owners feel well in their homes, because they live in a healthy natural atmosphere without limit and not as in previous passive houses in a plastic bag and therefore needed artificial respiration.

You also will find out, that energy saving and environmental protection with Bio-Solar-Houses financially reward you immediately and all your life, that you do not have to permanently turn off the dangers to your health from ventilation systems and that you still also protect the environment for free.

Hubert Becher, CEO

Bio-Solar-Houses are the best environmental protectors!

Environmental protection

You have the lowest running costs, are dehumidified free by nature and with the tiniest technological expenditure heated free by the sun and cheap wood. You will build with local natural materials with tiny transport costs and use local tradesmen.

You need the least primary energy and therefore receive the highest state subsidy (CFC efficient energy house 55). Their very low energy requirement can be covered with a little expenditure for a PV- system. Bio-Solar-Houses are then producers of energy with which you can even earn money.

Your efforts to protect the environment when building a house, start already with the choice of building materials for your house and continue up to the choice of your heating energy. Up to the point where the materials are ready for building, you have more or less used the environmentally damaging energy. You call this energy "grey energy", because you do not this with the current materials. You can however make a rough list for the environmental damage.

Most environmental damage is caused by all which are produced by fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal as for example all synthetics, polystyrene, PVC, Plastic, plastic sheets etc, as well as all materials, which although they consist of natural raw materials, nevertheless gobble up a lot of energy for use as building materials as for example. Everything made from cement, clay, glass, rubber etc., examples are bricks from cement, bricks, roof tiles, glass panes, rubber sheeting etc, as well as all metals.

Natural building materials cause little environmental damage e.g. natural stone, clay, slate etc. The tiniest environmental damage is caused by naturally growing building materials such as for example, wood, straw, wool etc. Also from waste renewably used made materials are normally eco-friendly, because they use their grey energy again e.g. cellulose from old newspapers as ideal insulation. It is generally true that:

The more a building material has to be processed and transported, the more it damages the environment. The more natural a building material is the better It protects the environment and also your health and finances.

The choice of your energy supply is even more important for environmental protection than the building materials. They are only needed once. You need heating energy all your life. When oil, gas and coal are burned climate damaging CO2 is produced and released into the atmosphere, which considerably increases the greenhouse effect on the earth and contributes by its undesirable consequences to global warming.

Electricity from oil, gas and coal-fired power stations is the most damaging to the climate, because only about 33 % of the oil, gas- and coal energy arrives to you as heating energy. The other 66 % normally damages the environment as unused heat. It is a similar picture with electric from nuclear power stations. Although they do not produce damaging CO2, they carry other incalculable and long lasting dangers for humanity.

Natural electricity from water, wind and solar is clean electricity without considerable climate damage. But all electricity is much too expensive and valuable to waste it. This applies also for electrically driven earth and earth and geothermal using water pumps. They produce about 30-40 % of their heat with extra expenditure for machines using electricity.

To calculate the environmental damage from the use of heating energy in houses and to be able to compare, you compute the primary energy requirement per m² and year in kWh/m²a. The primary energy requirement, has with the heating energy requirement, that the same dimensions kWh/m²a has, only a limited amount to do. Because only the primary energy requirement tells us, how environmentally damaging or friendly with regard to CO2- the climate damage is for the heating energy in the house.

The environmental impact is the highest, if heating appliances use electricity. It is the lowest using renewables such as wood and solar.

Because this is so, the state guarantees cheap credit for house building via the KfW-Bank by means of the CO2- minimising programme and tax credits. These are all the more favourable, the lower the specific primary energy requirement for the heating and hot water in a house is.

The highest state subsidies for houses if they have a specific primary energy requirement under 40 kWh / m² a.

Bio-Solar-Houses have the economically lowest primary energy requirement of under 20Wh / m² a.

The Bio-Solar-House: Distinguished in several ways!

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Mutmacher der Nation Zukunftsradar Energy Globe Award

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