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Heating and Running costs

Heating and Running costs

Bio-Solar-Houses have the lowest running costs!

Heating costs are not only energy costs but also the costs for maintenance, repairs and depreciation of the heating equipment. All these together are running costs and they are becoming ever more expensive.

Therefore when comparing houses you not only take into account the building costs, rather much more the running costs. Building costs are a one off - Ever increasing running costs are a burden for life!

With the "Bio-Solar-House energy system" the tiny necessary heating energy of under about. 20 kWh / m² are obtained without oil, gas and electric and without particular expensive technical aids directly from cheap wood and free from the sun.

heating and running costs It requires no fossil climate damaging heating energy. A log stove in the conservatory with a water heater, a solar heating system and a domestic hot water tank with a mechanical boiler for legionella free tap water produce and save the renewably obtained heat. The water in the hot water tank is heated free of charge in the summer by the solar heating system and heated by the wood burning stove in the winter. It serves as a heat source for the healthy wall radiant heating and the tap water. In order for the hot water to flow through the pipes, merely 3 pumps are necessary with tiny electrical operating power.

For this reason the patented and several hundred times tested and many times awarded "Bio-Solar-House building and energy system is" the healthiest, most economic and future-proof method to build particularly energy efficient, user and environmentally friendly houses. Builder-owners protect not only their health but also their finances in a sustainable way. They are independent from constantly rising prices for fossil fuels for heating, maintenance costs, repair costs and largely free from provision (depreciation) for replacement of unrepairable or out of date house technology. They sustain therefore the tiniest running costs.

The investment costs for building Bio-Solar-Houses are no higher than for previous energy saving houses but considerably less than for complicated passive houses. Therefore the Bio- Solar- House owner immediately saves heating and running costs and not firstly, when the higher investment costs for passive houses have amortized years later through their saved heating costs. Their constantly increasing costs for maintenance, repair and depreciation for the necessary machines used in them bedevil passive house owners their whole life.

Because of their extremely tiny damage to the environment and their very tiny primary energy requirement, normally under about ca. 15 kWh/m²a, Bio-Solar-Houses are subsidized among others as CFC 40 Houses by the state. Consumer reports from Bio-Solar-single family houses have shown that:

Wintergarden For providing hot water, room heating and for the romance of an open stove a Bio-Solar-House can manage per year with 3 to 5 cubic meters of logs and about 200 kWh of electricity for pumping the hot water. With log prices of 80m³/cubic meters wood and € 0.20 / kWh electricity for heating energy costs, this adds up to between € 280 and €440 per year. These consumer values change naturally according to the number of occupants, the size of the house, the location, user behaviour and often also with the number of pets.

Show your creativity

Every bio-solar-house is your own individual work

We basically only plan it together with you according to your individual requirements, your wishes and to the possibilities of your construction plan. When constructing you have the choice between a do it yourself house, a do it yourself Plus house, a prefabricated house, a finished house. Bio-Solar-Houses are especially suited to money saving assistance of the owner.

plans So that you can get your Bio-Solar-House, we offer you different options: Finished house, Prefabricated house, Do it yourself Plus house, Do it yourself house. All have in common that:

We plan together with you the house you want and provide you the documents without obligation for a small planning fee, which you require for financing through your bank. These are the suitable layout and elevation plans and a quotation for your building plan. As soon as you have secured the finance, we then make together a building contract and produce the documents required for building permission. You do not have the additional costs of an architect. We set out together in the building description, how the house will be laid out from the exterior and from the interior. One of our structural engineers looks after you during the complete building phase and is your personal contact person.

A finished house (only in Germany and Austria available): You need do nothing further until you move in with this option. We construct your house ready for occupation according to the plan that you have authorised in approximately 6 months.

do it your self house Do it Yourself house: Bio-Solar-Houses are excellently suited for self-build. We understand self-build to mean: We describe together in the construction contract which tasks are to be performed by us and which are to be carried out by you, and if applicable by local tradesmen. We construct the supporting structure of the house upon which the floor section or the cellar will be done by you according to our drawings. Later we insert the insulation and deliver the power supply centre. All the other jobs you can do yourself or if required do through local tradesmen or contract us to do them. You can buy the necessary materially locally according to the building progress.. Additionally we supply you with a list of items with average prices. This way you have price indications for your purchases and can keep your material costs under control. You do not need any particular manual skills to build it yourself just time, staying power and organisational talent. You will receive from us an exact description for all building items and extensive detailed drawings. Furthermore you can become more acquainted with simple but effective functions of Bio-Solar-House in the regular seminars which we provide. If you wish to use your holiday and other leisure time to build, you can move into a family home after approximately 4 to 8 months. One of civil engineers accompanies you in word and deed during the entire building phase as a building adviser.

plexiglas-roof Do it yourself- Plus House: With this option we additionally deliver and mount the complete roof so that the house is rainproof.

Prefabricated house: With this option we deliver and erect the outer walls, the roof, the windows and the glazing for the conservatory. The house is then completely finished and insulated from the outside. You then tend to building the interior. Our engineers support you with this until your house is finished, of course.

prefabricated house One particular advantage of the Bio-Solar-House is that you are largely independent of the weather, because except for the foundations and possibly the cellar, you only build with dry materials.

Several hundred clients have thus constructed their healthy, energy efficient house. They have not only saved investment costs, but were also delighted about their labours and especially about their immediate and permanent low heating and running costs.

Conversion of Outbuildings: One of our specialities is the converting of little used outbuildings and barns into high- grade Bio-Solar-living spaces or offices.

Building costs examples

Basically we plan your house individually and then calculate with you what your house will cost. We will be pleased to send you an exact building and service description. Please visit our german Website for further information and costs examples for Germany.