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Sonnenpark St. Alban

Trial Living

Trial living

Don't buy "a pig in a poke"!

Bio-Solar-Houses can be tested first! In their unique Sonnenpark in St. Alban, the Bio-Solar-Haus company is the only company to offer you several examples of houses for you to try out. You can assure yourselves there of their unique advantages.

House 8 und 9 You do not need to be concerned about canvassing by sellers or about relying on more or less truthful brochures. We, the inventors of the Bio-Solar-House and our experienced specialists will personally answer all your questions. We will also tell you about the experiences of hundreds of enthusiastic clients. We do not want to sell you anything. We only want to help you to do the right thing for you!

Here you can convince yourself of the unique assets of the revolutionary "build and energy systems Bio- Solar- House" in several show houses by a trial living.

Wind generator On the south facing slope on the edge of the village of St. Alban the Bio-Solar-Haus Company has developed in about a. 2 ha area a building development area for 12 Bio-Solar-Houses and an outbuilding. Here you can see how reasonably-priced building land can be ecologically enhanced and a natural settlement designed. Neither concrete nor asphalt seal the ground on streets, paths and parking areas. Open spaces and roofs extensively greened and easy to care for and allow nature its species-rich design space.

Indigineous bushes, hedges and fruit trees offer birds, small game and a variety of decreasing kinds of animals protection and food. A small, natural finish lake fed with rainwater is home to fish and amphibians. Its water is naturally cleaned with the help of a wind wheel pump through a reed filtration system and warmed by the sun. It is also gladly used by guests and users of the houses as well as the children of the surrounding area for bathing as is the neighbouring play area.

Impressions from Sonnenpark Cleaned lake water is used for the toilets through the reed filtration system. The waste water from the settlement is naturally cleaned in a reed bed. Drinking water comes from the local water supply. Electricity comes via the local grid with natural energy, PV- plants feed as much electric into the grid as the settlement requires. To heat the houses, the free greenhouse effect of sunlight is used and a tiny amount of wood. An inn ensures well-being for larger groups of visitors. The Sonnenpark and its building are largely energy self-sufficient. There is no danger to the environment from it.

The Sonnenpark was the main reason why in 2004 St. Alban was awarded by the European village renewal competition "Break into the future" by an international jury with the "European village renewal prize for holistic and sustainable village development of excellent quality"

Pond In 2008 it was nominated for the "World Energy Globe Earth" and awarded in a Tv Gala with Kofi Annan, Michail Gorbatchow, Juan Manuel Barosso, Hans- Gert Pöttering by Mrs Gandhi in the european parlament in Bruxelles.

Consultation hours Sonnenpark: Mondays-Fridays: 08:00 - 17:00, Saturdays + Sundays: 10:00 - 17:00

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